Entropix Wins Research Grant for Sustainable Products

DARESBURY, UNITED KINGDOM, 13 July 2023 – Entropix today announces it has been awarded a grant by Innovate UK to investigate and improve the sustainability of everyday household products in a project known as SimPol. The grant forms part of a £5.5m LCR Launchpad programme for innovative technologies in the Liverpool City Region.

Entropix will collaborate with four other partners in the project – Unilever, Croda, Constelcom, STFC Hartree Centre – to apply the latest advances in computational chemistry and biotechnology in the development of renewable and biodegradable alternatives for products currently made by Croda and Unilever.

Entropix-UKRI logo

The CSO and co-founder of Entropix Prof David Hornby said: “We will use our expertise in enzymology to investigate the process of biodegradation for these new products. Enzymes play a crucial role in the degradation of products in the environment and we will develop a deeper understanding of biodegradation to enable us to predict the rate at which new products will degrade. We are excited to collaborate with our partners at Unilever, Croda, Constelcom and STFC Hartree Centre to use such a wide range of technologies including computer simulation, synthetic chemistry and engineering biology to develop more sustainable products for the future”.

Entropix is a young biotechnology company based at Daresbury, UK founded by Prof David Hornby and Dr Rob Rule. The company creates improved enzymes using synthetic biology and computational analysis techniques.

For further details contact Dr Rob Rule at Entropix using [email protected].

About Innovate UK:

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is the UK’s innovation agency. It works to create a better future by inspiring, involving and investing in businesses developing life-changing innovations. With an annual budget of over £1billion, it provides businesses with the expertise, facilities and funding they need to test, demonstrate and evolve their ideas, driving UK productivity and economic growth.