Building on Nature in the smartest possible way

Understanding patterns of evolution to develop high-performance enzymes
for a range of biological and industrial applications.

About Entropix

Entropix is an early-stage enzyme engineering company specialising in the directed evolution of high-performance enzymes and biocatalysts. Our protein engineering platform combines state-of-the-art experimental molecular technology and computational methods.

Our mission is to use directed evolution to develop novel enzymes that solve perennial challenges in diagnostic, life science, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and food ingredient sectors.

We believe the directed evolution of enzymes will play a major role in delivering a truly sustainable economy: Entropix is part of this revolution.

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We combine protein engineering, computational gene sequence analysis, enzyme structure analysis, and machine learning to direct the natural process of evolution.

The Entropix scientific team, led by Professor David Hornby, employs algorithmic computation to identify uncharted connections between amino acid sequences and enzyme function. 

Developments in molecular biology and computing over the last fifty years have laid the foundation for a new era of post-genomic biotechnology. Directed evolution is part of a new and exciting landscape, which has made it possible to compress millions of years of enzyme evolution into a matter of weeks.

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