About Entropix

Understanding Patterns of Evolution to Develop Improved Enzymes

Entropix is an enzyme development company specialising in the directed evolution of high-performance enzymes and biocatalysts. Our methodology combines state-of-the-art experimental molecular technology and machine learning computational methods. 

Our mission is to use directed evolution to build on Nature in the smartest possible way. We have developed a technology platform for rapidly evolving resilient, high-performance enzymes that are formulated to match customer requirements.

Aided by recent investment, we are developing a portfolio of proteins with performance characteristics encoded to transform many aspects of medicine, manufacturing, and recycling.

We believe the directed evolution of enzymes will play a major role in delivering a truly sustainable economy: Entropix is part of this revolution.

Working with Entropix

Leading Technical Competency
Our scientific team, led by Professor David Hornby, has decades of experience in translational enzymology and molecular biology.

Custom Enzyme Development
We collaborate with leading companies to develop tailored enzymes and proteins that satisfy their unique technical requirements.

Enzyme feasibility studies and enzyme discovery activity involves analysing all available genetic variations that have occurred throughout evolutionary history.

Computational Biology
We are developing a machine learning platform to predict patterns of evolution and accelerate Nature. Algorithmic computation allows us to create hitherto unknown connections between amino acid sequences and enzyme function.

Proprietary Enzymes
We are developing a range of proprietary enzymes for various sectors including plastics degradation, diagnostics, and molecular biology research.


Collaborative Development and Research
Partnerships with clients, suppliers, and UK/international academic institutions enable us to develop high performance enzymes and scale production to commercial volumes.

Multi-Sector Application
We establish the relationships between enzyme sequences, their structure, and their function in a broad range of sectoral contexts. These include:

  • Diagnostics
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Plastics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Ingredient

Enzyme Bioprospecting Studies
We identify promising target enzymes in Nature and develop new biocatalysts that can transform traditional industrial manufacturing processes.


Entropix Laboratory

Our laboratory facility is based at The Heath Business and Technical Park in Cheshire, widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading business and science parks.

A hub for scientific and technological research, The Heath accommodates innovative companies in bioscience, low carbon, engineering, IT and creative sectors.

Our computational enzyme development and experimental capabilities include:

  • Gene sequencing, analysis, and design.
  • High-yield, tunable mutagenesis.
  • Protein expression, purification, and quantification.
  • Fermentation.
  • Enzyme screening techniques including diagnostics and chemical analysis.

Our Core Values

At the heart of Entropix is its people and the way we work. Everything we do, from the laboratory bench to business negotiations and collaborations is underpinned by three principles:


We work with honesty and trust. We aim to find the truth based on evidence and openness.


We work together with commitment, empathy, and humility, communicating openly always.


We have the courage to adapt and find new solutions without fear of failure.

The Entropix Team

The Company was founded in 2021 by Dr Rob Rule (CEO) and Prof Dave Hornby (CSO). Visit the Entropix Team page for full biographies.

Dr Rob Rule
CEO and Co-founder

James Florence
Research Scientist

Professor David Hornby
Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Co-founder

Rhys Diggins
Research Scientist

Dr David Pears
Non-Executive Director

Józef Krzak
Research Scientist

Contact Us

Please contact our scientific and business teams at [email protected] to discuss enzyme development, collaboration, or investment opportunities.

Entropix Limited
Lab 124
The Heath Business and Technical Park

Tel: +44 (0)1928 518228