Entropix Welcomes Jozef Krzak to the Enzyme Development Team

Józef has first-class honours degrees in Biochemistry (BSc) and Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MSc) from the University of Sussex and The University of Sheffield respectively. He brings specialist laboratory experience in protein expression and purification, molecular cloning, western blotting, enzymatic assays, CRISPR-Cas9 systems, chromatography, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques.

Józef’s thesis focused on the mutagenesis of a methyltransferase gene and evaluating changes in its activity for the purpose of future development of a machine learning algorithm. He was awarded ‘The Best Performance by an MSc Student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Prize’ by The University of Sheffield. He is now continuing an aspect of his Masters project related to random mutagenesis at Entropix and is a part of the enzyme development team.

Co-founder and CEO Dr Rob Rule said “We are pleased to welcome Józef to Entropix where he will continue his excellent work in realising new enzyme functions through random mutagenesis and computational biology. Józef’s knowledge and experience in molecular cloning, PCR techniques, protein expression and purification, and chromatography will prove valuable as we continue to grow our protein development capabilities”.