Entropix Expands Laboratory by Moving to The Heath Business and Technical Park in Runcorn

RUNCORN, UNITED KINGDOM, 31ST OCTOBER 2023 – Entropix has expanded its operations by moving from Sci-Tech Daresbury to new facilities at The Heath Business & Technical Park in Runcorn. Our new home at The Heath provides additional laboratory space for our enzyme development, production and analysis work, and a larger office for our growing scientific and research teams.

Prof David Hornby, CSO and co-founder of Entropix said “we have now more than doubled the space we had at Sci-Tech Daresbury, giving us the footprint and infrastructure needed to support new and ongoing enzyme development projects. The team at the Heath have provided outstanding support and expertise in designing and fitting out the laboratory, as well as practical help in installing our complex technical equipment; they could not have been more helpful.”

Dr Rob Rule, CEO and co-founder of Entropix also said “by coincidence I began my career at Runcorn Heath around 33 years ago with ICI so it feels quite nostalgic to be returning to the site, although it has changed a lot during that time.  There are not many locations in the North West that have suitable laboratory space for a biotechnology company like ours.  The Heath will be an ideal home for the next phase of our growth.”

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