Entropix Laboratory Expansion

State-of-the-art laboratory will significantly expand the efficiency and throughput of the Entropix directed enzyme evolution process.

We have recently expanded our laboratory space at Sci-Tech Daresbury and invested in new equipment dedicated to improving Entropix’s directed evolution process and protein analysis capabilities. In addition to the expansion, the procurement of robotic liquid handling and automated protein purification systems will increase the iterative throughput of Entropix’s enzyme expression and screening cycles.

The increase in laboratory space aligns with our ambitious growth plans and will enable the recruitment of enzyme biologists, computational experts and other technical staff to our growing team over the next year.

The laboratory will not only support Entropix’s clients but will also enable biocatalyst development collaborations with UK and international academic institutions and research partners.

Co-founder and CEO Dr Rob Rule said, “The expansion is an exciting next step as we continue to develop Entropix’s protein engineering and directed evolution capabilities to meet the development requirements of key sectors. We’re proud to be growing our base at Sci-Tech Daresbury which remains a stronghold of innovation in the UK and home to some of Britain’s most exciting young businesses.”

James Florence cuts the ribbon to open the new Entropix Laboratory